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Friday, August 31, 2012

"Liquid Metal Blade's 30th Anniversary Weekend" Is Taking Place Right Now!

This year, the great folks over at Metal Blade Records are celebrating their 30th anniversary, marking 1982 as the official beginning with the release of the first Metal Massacre compilation. In a fitting tribute, writer Dan Slessor (Kerrang, Outburn, Alternative Press) has penned a NEW company history, which includes quotes, anecdotes, and praise from members of Metallica, Slayer, GWAR, and more. The NEW history can be read in its entirety HERE!

Right now, our friend over at Siriux XM Liquid Metal are hosting the "Liquid Metal Blade's 30th Anniversary Weekend". The massive radio party features song premieres from SATAN'S WRATH, DOWNFALL OF GAIA, OVER YOUR THRESHOLD, ABIOTIC and a cover from BATTLECROSS! Additionally, Brian Slagel (CEO & Founder Of Metal Blade Records) will be talking about the legacy of the label and much more!

Tune in now!

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