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Thursday, August 30, 2012

SUICIDE SILENCE Singer Breaks The S&*t Out Of His Elbow - Gnarly Image Available!

Yesterday, SUICIDE SILENCE vocalist/screamer Mitch Lucker shattered his elbow so bad that his "not so funny bone" penetrated his skin. Mitch is known for his commitment to Heavy Music, and proved this last night in Odessa, Texas. Mitch performed a full set with his band mates in SUICIDE SILENCE. What a trooper! We wish Mitch a quick and smooth recovery!

Here is a very gnarly image that Mitch posted on his Instagram account:

Earlier this week, SUICIDE SILENCE posted on Facebook that they were cancelling a performance at Geo’s “due to circumstances beyond our control.” They didn’t go into detail as to why, but Lucker’s photo might be a hint. They added in their posting that the next two performances were happening, so even with the banged up elbow, the show must go on.

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Anonymous said...

R.I.P Mitch </3

Anonymous said...

I miss Mitch so much <3 RIP Mitch

Anonymous said...

MITCH.... come backe pleace ...we miss you
we love you forever
we nerver forget you!!!
<3 <3 <3