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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Jonathan Carpenter From THE CONTORTIONIST Talks About "Summer Slaughter" & Bands NEW Album!

Recently, the tri-state area Headbangers joined forces at New York City's legendary venue Irving Plaza (formerly The Fillmore) for the 2012 Summer Slaughter Tour. This years event is co-headlined by the mighty CANNIBAL CORPSE and Progressive Metallers BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME. Two bands that have a very different sound, but that have managed to open the minds of each others fans by penetrating ear drums like very few bands out there. The 2012 SUMMER SLAUGHTER tour truly represents what the state of Heavy Music is today: many different types of fans coming together to jam out to their favorite bands while learning about new bands and tendencies.

Following THE CONTORTIONIST's early set, in which they performed a bunch of NEW songs from their latest album 'Intrinsic' (available now via EOne Music), we had the chance to chat with the bands frontman Jonathan Carpenter about the 2012 SUMMER SLAUGHTER tour and about the bands NEW album. We also discussed THE CONTORTIONIST's upcoming plans!

The Contortionist's SUMMER SLAUGHTER tour New York City Set-list:

1) Casualty
2) Flourish
3) Geocentric Confusion
4) Oscillator

Check out our recap of the SUMMER SLAUGHTER tour in New York City HERE!

Video by: Zulie Alvarez (www.zuliephotographierocks.com/)

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