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Saturday, September 8, 2012

New York City's GRAMERCY THEATRE Is Electrified By The METAL MASTERS - Video Of Entire Performance Available!

Heavy Metal history was written yet again (September 7), when the METAL MASTERS - Philip Anselmo, Kerry King, Dave Lombardo, Scott Ian, Frank Bello, Charlie Benante, Billy Sheehan and Gary Holt - performed together at the fourth installment of Samson's "Metal Master" series, which was held at the Gramercy Theatre on the famed island of Manhattan in New York City.

The night was kicked off by a very special unannounced performance of Dave Lombardo's NEW band PHILM! The trio kicked off the night in style, and the crowd loved seeing Lombardo up close and personal. He was literally jamming his drums from center stage. What a treat!

Following PHILM's set, Frank Bello from ANTHRAX entertained the crowd with his hilarious antics and demonstrated all sorts of techniques to the sold out audience. The best part of his clinic is when he asked various members of the crowd to joining him on stage so he could teach them a thing or two. You should have seen the emotion displayed by this kids! Priceless!

Right after Bello was done wowing the crowd with his New York brand of humor and great bass techniques, it was time for none other than Billy Sheehan from MR. BIG to teach many Metalheads that there is a very fine line between Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. They say that fine booze is better when aged, this is definitely the case with Mr. Sheehan. Get this, he has been playing bass for over 40 years! To say that the crowd learned a few things for him is an understatement.

Then it was ANTHRAX's Scott Ian turn to teach the audience at home and online (the event was streamed worldwide) a few techniques and tell some cool stories about his extensive career as a professional musician. During his musical spiel, the fire alarm went off and halted the show for about 20 minutes. The New York Fire Department showed up to make sure it wasn't anything serious, so the show could proceed. Apparently a smoker decided that it was a food idea to light up in a bathroom. Once Ian resumed his clinic, just like his bandmate Frank Bello, Ian invited a fan on stage and they jammed together!

Finalizing the clinic part of the METAL MASTERS IV was Charlie Benante from ANTHRAX, who always brings his amazing energy to the stage. Just like his counterparts, Benante jammed on stage with a very lucky fan! All in all, the clinic part of the show was very informative and funny as hell (except when the fire alarm went off).

A few minutes after the clinic, the all-star jam was introduced by Jose Mangin from Sirius XM Liquid Metal and Mike Menghi from ZOOM (one of the sponsors along with HAARTKE and SAMSON). The set list was as follows:

- "Room For One More" (w/ Frank Bello on lead vocals) (ANTHRAX)
- "Mouth For War" (PANTERA)
- "Five Minutes Alone" (PANTERA)
- "A New Level" (PANTERA)
- "Chemical Warfare" (SLAYER)
- "War Ensemble" (SLAYER)
- "Goddamn Electric" (PANTERA)
- "Sergeant D & The S.O.D." (STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH)
- "Angel Of Death" (SLAYER)
- "Strike Of The Beast" (EXODUS)
- "Raining Blood" (SLAYER)
- "Fucking Hostile" (PANTERA)

Quiet a set list ah? The highlights were: PANTERA's 5 "Five Minutes Alone" and "Goddamn Electric", SLAYER's "War Ensemble" and "Angel Of Death", and EXODUS' "Strike Of The Beast". Missed the show?

As SLAYER's Kerry King said in the past "Everybody wants to see Phil. Everybody loves Phil. When I come out, it's a huge applause. When Phil comes out, it's like somebody came back from the dead; they're not expecting it. And it's cool." To say that he stole the show is an understatement! It is so good to see what a positive role model Anselmo has become!

Did you miss the event? Do you want to see what you missed while you were at the bar picking up chicks (or dudes)? Well, thanks to our good friends from REVOLVER MAGAZINE, you can watch the entire show right here!

Part 1:

Video streaming by Ustream

Part 2:

Video streaming by Ustream

NOTE: Full image gallery and interview package coming soon! Stay tuned!

Photo credit: Zulie Alvarez (www.zuliephotographierocks.com/)

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