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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Canadian Metallers VOIVOD Announce Label Home + NEW Album Title & Release Date!

Century Media Records is proud to announce the worldwide signing of Quebecois progressive Metal pioneers VOIVOD! To coincide with the band's 30th Anniversary - the band was founded in late January, 1983 - VOIVOD's own company, Iron Gang Factory, joins with global powerhouse Century Media Records to release 'Target Earth' on January 21st throughout Europe and the 22nd in North America. Comments, the band:

"Our goal has been to find a partner for Iron Gang Factory to help get new VOIVOD music to the world and Century Media, we are proud to say, is the right company to do so globally  We can't wait to release, tour, and promote 'Target Earth.'"

VOIVOD's career path has endured as many shifts and disturbances as the music itself. From major label deals and big-time tours to slogging it out in clubs while metal went through growing pains in the mid 1990s; from high profile bass players to unknown substitutes, the Quebecois prog metal pioneers have persevered through thick and thin to arrive at a comfortable place in 2012 -- a place of rebirth, rejuvenation and respect.

VOIVOD's 30th anniversary celebrates their career as one of metal's most influential bands. The handful of live albums, reissues and DVDs that began to surface in the past ten years proved how beloved this band really is, and now comes another album of inspired fresh material that proves VOIVOD still have many new paths to travel. What band continues to redefine and reinvent themselves 13 studio albums and 30 years into their career? There is only one answer to that question: VOIVOD.


- War and Pain, 1984
- Rrrööaaarrr, 1986
- Killing Technology, 1987
- Dimension Hatröss, 1988
- Nothingface, 1989
- Angel Rat, 1991
- The Best of Voivod (compilation), 1992
- The Outer Limits, 1993
- Negatron, 1995
- Phobos, 1997
- Kronik (compilation), 1998
- Voivod Lives (live album), 2000
- Voivod, 2003
- D-V-O-D-1 DVD, 2005
- Katorz, 2006
- Infini, 2009
- Tatsumaki: Voivod in Japan 2008 DVD, 2009
- Warriors of Ice (live album), 2011
- To the Death '84 2012
- Target Earth, 2013

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