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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"Satanic" Heavy Metal Concert Being Investigated By Egyptian Police - Band Members Fear Radical Islamists Retaliating As A Result!

For the love of Satan, when will the outside world comprehend that the Heavy Metal subculture has nothing or little to do with "the beast". Check this out:

Ahram Online is claiming that a lawyer for the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) filed a complaint this past Saturday (September 1) to Egypt's interior ministry against El-Sawy Culture Wheel (the prominent cultural centre in Cairo's upscale Zamalek district) accusing it of hosting "Satanist" Rock bands and events. The suit says an August 31 concert at the center was attended by people wearing t-shirts adorned with what the lawyer, Ismail El-Weshahy, described as "satanic shapes and symbols". El-Weshahy said that one of his two clients, both of whom are members of an independent anti-corruption NGO called 'We're Watching You," had also filmed a group of people who he said were performing satanic rituals in the center.

The Culture Wheel released the following statement following the claims made by El-Weshahy and his clients.

"In our ten years of activity, the Culture Wheel has not hosted any kind of practice that could be called Satanic."

Wael Osama (an Egyptian Heavy Metal musician) defended the groups from El-Weshahy's allegations:

"El-Weshahy made grave legal accusations against the Metal bands. We should be concerned about the reactions of the public. After all, we recently saw what happened to the young man who was walking with his fiancé in Suez and was killed by radical Islamists.

"I tried to use the media available to me to explain the Metal subculture to the people of Egypt. I feel sympathy for this lawyer, since he may not be familiar with the Metal subculture, and therefore may find it strange to see young people headbanging and wearing black."

In 1997, Egyptian police arrested some 100 Metal fans, including several who were jailed for weeks, over accusations they belonged to a Satanic cult aimed at spreading drugs and sexual freedom.

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