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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

CRYPTOPSY's NEW Album To Be Released This November In The U.S.

Today, Canadian Metallers CRYPTOPSY announced that their NEW album 'The Unspoken King' will be released on November 20 via Cryptopsy/Defen Society in association with Revulotion Harmony/Candlelight Records. Pre-orders for the album are available through the band at Cryptopsy.ca.

In case you missed this Metallica memo! CRYPTOPSY recently premiered two songs out of their NEW self-titled album: "We hope that you enjoy the sneak peek of the new CRYPTOPSY. We greatly appreciate your dedication and support. It is thanks to your help alone that we can continue doing this!!!"

All pre-sale participants will be placed in a draw to win the following grand prize:

- Autographed limited edition vinyls of "Ungental Exhumation", "Blasphemy Made Flesh" and "None So Vile".
- Autographed CD "Cryptopsy".
- Full merch package, guy shirt, girly and zip up hoody of "Cryptopsy".

'Cryptopsy' track listing:

01. Two-Pound Torch
02. Shag Harbour's Visitors
03. Red-Skinned Scapegoat
04. Damned Draft Dodgers
05. Amputated Enigma
06. The Golden Square Mile
07. Ominous
08. Cleansing The Hosts

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