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Thursday, November 22, 2012

5 Ways To Make Your Thanksgiving More Metal!

We want to wish all of the U.S. headbangers a safe and Metallic Thanksgiving day! Please be safe!

Now, here are 5 tips that will make your Thanksgiving a lot more Metal!

1) If you are hunting down your own turkey, which we assume you all are, bring a bowl of corn in order to attract the turkey. Make sure the corn is dipped into any kind of alcoholic drink, this way the turkey will die nice and drunk. This will result in a happier and healthier turkey. You will thank us once you devour that animal!

2) If you are going to say grace before chow time, make sure you crank up Lamb Of God's song "Grace", since you want to make sure your food is blessed by the Metal Gods and/or Satan!

3) Planning on drinking responsibly? Blacktooths are perfect to drink both before and after the meal of the year! Here are the ingredients you need to make a proper blacktooth:

- Bottle of Crown Royal or Seagrams 7
- Bottle of Coca Cola
- Pantera shot glasses

Serve the whiskey into the shot glass (don't spill it you slob), then add a SPLASH of Coke into the whiskey. Finally, put back the entire shot in the name of Dimebag!

4) Drive safely! Thanksgiving week has the highest percentage of car accidents in the year. So please make sure you give yourself enough time to get to your destination, drive within the speed limit, and don't even think about drinking and driving!

Suggested bands to be crank up while driving:

- Black Sabbath
- Pantera
- Slayer
- Motorhead
- Machine Head
- Meshuggah

5) Eat a lot of protein to strengthen your body for the next show you attend, if you eat too many carbs (which you probably will), you will most likely get destroyed the next time you get in the pit. Thanksgiving doesn't HAVE to be a pig-out!

Heavy thanksgiving, from your friends at Horns Up Rocks!!!

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