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Thursday, November 22, 2012

ASHES WITHIN To Perform This Weekend In Brooklyn NY After Losing Their Gear To Hurricane Sandy!

Brooklyn, NY's ASHES WITHIN lost all of their to Hurricane Sandy. While the band could have thrown the towel, they decided to continue crushing senses. This Saturday, November 24th, they will be performing at the Knitting Factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, alongside with CAR BOMB and KASE REESE. If you like true underground Metal, you will be there!

What sets ASHES WITHIN apart? ASHES WITHIN plays brutal, honest music. They do not try to emulate a style, or fit into any particular arcane sub-genre of the Metal scene. Their songs are crafted for maximum visceral impact, whether it be simple or complex, harmonious or discordant. Their music is a collectively distilled response to both personal and global events. Things aren’t pretty out there, and they’re degenerating daily.

They feel like that the music they write is perhaps the only rational response to the things going on around. The world is gut-wrenchingly harsh and ugly much of the time; this ugliness has left many dead inside, hence the name ASHES WITHIN - so be it—their music stands as a rejoinder to that ugliness. Renowned in the fertile Brooklyn underground as one of the most violently cathartic acts in the scene, ASHES WITHIN are both feared and loved for their devastating stage performances.

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