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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

BEHEMOTH: Ross Robinson Not Confirmed Yet For Production Of 10th Studio Album!

Last week, it was reported that Poland's finest Heavy Metal export BEHEMOTH had lined up multifaceted producer Ross Robinson to work on the bands 10th studio album. While both the band and Robinson have been hinting that they might be working together, Robinson has dismantled the rumor via his Twitter account (see below).

In our humble opinion, if there is a man that can take BEHEMOTH to the next level when it comes to the sonic assault that they are famous for, that man is Ross Robinson. In times in which music production has become too perfect, no matter what Heavy Music sub-genre you look at, there is a need for a producer that is not afraid to try NEW things. A producer who won't be scared to revolutionize our music once again by using unorthodox and imperfect methods of productions. And who better than BEHEMOTH to grab the Heavy Music monster by the horns and take it to the next level?

But what ignited this rumor? Well, BEHEMOTH's Nergal recently shared this photo of himself and band bassist/vocalist Orion meeting with Robinson. Then there was a serious of Tweets from Robinson that made it sound like his collaboration with BEHEMOTH was confirmed.  See HERE!

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Stay tuned for more BEHEMOTH news!

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