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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Horns Up Rocks Top 12 Interviews Of 2012!

During 2012, Horns Up Rocks had the chance to interview dozens of artists about their various musical endeavors. While most of the interviews were very memorable, here are the 12 that caused the most impact within the Heavy Music scene. Here are the Horns Up Rocks Top 12 Interviews Of 2012! HERE is our Top 12 Records list!

12) Vinnie Paul (HELLYEAH, Ex-PANTERA): Earlier this year, the great folks over at Eleven Seven Music invited us to their headquarters to chat with HELLYEAH! While the scenario wasn't very Rock N' Roll, we were in a conference room, the HELLYEAH boys were very open to discuss anything we threw at them. During this segment, Vinnie Paul clears the air about a potential PANTERA reunion and he even pays tribute to PINK FLOYD! Check it out!

11) Danny Worsnop (ASKING ALEXANDRIA): Right before ASKING ALEXANDRIA opened the main stage one last time at this year's Mayhem Fest, we had the chance to chat with vocalist Danny Worsnop about the bands experience at the fest. We also discussed how he has managed to overcome his addiction to drugs and the bands future plans.

10) Matt Heafy (TRIVIUM): Prior to Matt Heafy's first ever acoustic performance, we had the chance to chat with Heafy about what fans can expect on the next TRIVIUM album and the bands recent festival performances in Europe and Canada. We also discussed his involvement with Moscot Music and TRIVIUM's musical philosophy.

9) Frank Mullen (SUFFOCATION): Prior to SUFFOCATION's crushing "Long Island Hall Of Fame" celebratory performance, we chatted with Frank Mullen (the bands front man and vocalist), and he shocked us with the news that he will not be touring full time with the band upon the release of their NEW album 'The Pinnacle of Bedlam' (set to be released in February/March of 2013 via Nuclear Blast Records) due to his current commitment with his full time job.

8) Jesse Leach (KILLSWITCH ENGAGE & THE EMPIRE SHALL FALL): If one had to point fingers at who is responsible for KSE's and TESF's musical direction, all fingers would be pointed at vocalist/lyricist Jesse Leach. Regardless of which band he is with, Leach always brings with him a bag full of tricks that are ever-changing. His energy on stage is addicting, and his vocal projection is always on point.

7) Karl Sanders (NILE):
During NILE's recent tour stop in New York City with THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, SKELETONWITCH and HOUR OF PENNANCE, we had the chance to sit down and chat with NILE's own Karl Sanders. During the conversation we discussed the bands legacy, their NEW album 'At The Gate Of Sethu', and why he chooses to play DEAN Guitars!

6) The Cavalera's: This year we had the chance to chat with Max Cavalera and his sons about the "Maximum Cavalera Tour", and how life on the road as a family has made them a stronger family. We also talked with them about Max's involvement in their son's musical careers and how he is making sure that they are learning the business with little to no guidance.

5) Steven Adler (ADLER, Ex-GUNS N ROSES): Prior to the kick off of the 2012 Revolver Gods Awards show, we had the chance to chat with Steven Adler (ex-Guns N Roses) about GNR's induction into the Rock N Roll hall of fame. We also asked band mates to tell us all about ADLER's NEW album.

4) Alex Skolnick (TESTAMENT):
In anticipation of the release of TESTAMENT's NEW album 'The Dark Roots Of Earth', we had the chance to exclusively chat with him at the "meet and greet" that was hosted in New York City. Here is what went down!

3) Cristina Scabbia
This year we had the chance to chat with Lacuna Coil's own Cristina Scabbia. During the conversation, we chatted with her about the bands involvement in these years Gigantour. We also discussed the bands NEWEST album 'Dark Adrenaline', and she even offered a handful of helpful tips for fellow artists.

2) Mina Caputo (Ex-LIFE OF AGONY):
As most of you know, last year, Keith Caputo announced that he was a trans-gender person. After hearing this shocking news, the Heavy Music world immediately went awol and a few close minded LIFE OF AGONY fans and some members of the media, bashed Caputo's decision to "come out'. At that time we immediately asked the public to respect Caputo's decision, since we truly believe that he sent a very strong message to a genre of music that carries way too many stereotypes. Here is his very first interview following his decision to become Mina Caputo.

1) Mitch Lucker (SUICIDE SILENCE) - RIP:
Prior to SUICIDE SILENCE's last New York City performance in front of 1000+ fans, we had the chance to chat with SUICIDE SILENCE's frontman Mitch Lucker. During the conversation, which you can watch below, we discussed the "All Stars Tour", the bands recipe for success and their upcoming NEW album! Unfortunately, this was one of the last interviews Mitch ever did!

We want to thank all the people who made all these interviews possible, and of course all of you for checking them out! In 2013, we're bringing all sorts of surprises your way, so stay tuned! \m/

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