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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Horns Up Rocks Celebrates Threeeee Years Of Celebrating & Promoting Heavy Music Worldwide!

This week,
Horns Up Rocks is celebrating three years of celebrating and promoting Heavy Music worldwide. If you live within the tri-state area, join us tomorrow (February 13) for our THREEEEE year anniversary concert and fashion show at the Trash Bar in Brooklyn, NY! If for any reason you can't make it out tomorrow night, we will be hosting our annual anniversary fiesta at Duff's Brooklyn. Full details for both events can be seen at the flyers below!

Here are some words from Horns Up Rocks' founder Jö Schüftan:

years ago I told myself: "this year I either change my life for good by creating something huge and inspiring, or I simply stop living." Here I am three years later and when I reflect on what I created with Horns Up Rocks thus far, I feel extremely proud and accomplished. And most importantly, very happy to be alive and living life to the fullest. HUR reflects who I am, it is my life! I am not doing this for the fame or the glory, I am doing this because I am always seeking for the inspiration that keeps igniting my creative passion. I am always looking for that rush I get every time I interview some of the best musicians in the planet, or when I get to see amazing bands from all levels tear up a stage apart! And that rush can't and won't be extinguished, ever. TRUST ME!

After many sleepless nights, after plenty of blood, sweat and tears dropped. I am ready for the next three years and beyond! I want to take this moment to thank every single person that has supported this mission, you know who you are!

I mostly want to thank my devoted team for being patient while this vision that is huger than my own life, keeps evolving: Zulie Alvarez, Javier Samaniego, Cynthia Rodriguez & all those who have collaborated along the way (a few of you couldn't hang, but that doesn't diminish your hard work that I forever will be thankful for)!

If you believe in me, in my vision, if you truly support Horns Up Rocks, and are not hating on me because I am successful at what I do (thanks to working my ass off for the last three years EVERY single day), I invite you to join me this week to celebrate 3 years of amazingness!!! In the words of Ozzy Osbourne: "Lets go fucking crazy!"

Here is our very first article: http://www.hornsuprocks.blogspot.com/2010/02/fear-factory-2010-year-of-fear.html

Here is our very first video interview:

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