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Friday, February 15, 2013

Randy Blythe Visits The Prison Were He Would Pay His Sentence If Convicted For Manslaughter

As we all know, David Randall Blythe from LAMB OF GOD is fighting the fight of his life.
Blythe was imprisoned for five weeks in the Czech Republic after being detained on June 27, 2012 when the Grammy-nominated, Richmond, Virginia-based band arrived there for a show. The singer was freed without charge in August but had to post $400,000 bail, then left the country.

According to the prosecution, Blythe shoved Daniel Nosek, a 19 years old fan, off stage, thus inflicting fatal wounds on him. After being released on bail, which was contended by the State Attorney, Blythe refused responsibility for Nosek's death and pledged to return to attend the trial.

While the trial began on Monday, February 4, the trial had
to be postponed until March 4, due to the fact that one witness fell ill and two criminal psychologists who were expected to testify were unable to attend during that week.

Before returning back to the United States of Metal, Randy visited the prison were he would pay for his sentence if convicted for manslaughter. After visiting the prison, this is what he posted via Instagram account:

Pankrác is a grim place, but I kept my spirits up in there. If I felt sorry for myself, I quickly reminded myself that there are many in the world who would be grateful to have the food I had, to escape a war-torn homeland in exchange for three hits and a cot, even in a prison for a bit. Suddenly being thrown into a foreign prison wasn't fun, but it wasn't the worst thing that could happen to a man. I had food, clothes, and shelter. Remain grateful for what you DO have, not resentful over what you DON'T.

"We finished walking and got on a subway back to the center of Prague. I was glad I came to look at the prison. I would love to have a camera in there- it's amazing inside, in a really messed up way. I do not know what the future holds for me- maybe I will return to behind these walls- but I do know that I have to do the right thing as my conscious dictates. For me that is going back to finish the trial, as I said I would. The family of the young man who is dead is in court everyday, along with mine. They have shown remarkable kindness by not attacking me in the press or anywhere else. It must be very difficult for them to look at my face, regardless of my guilt or innocence. They have behaved honorably, and so shall I. I will do my best to give them the answers they deserve. I ask people not to judge the family of this young man for wanting these answers- their family has lost a son- who would not want answers? I'm not so sure I would have displayed the class and reserve they have if the tables were turned. Remember, no story has just one side. Try to look at everything from different angles, to not make snap judgements. Put yourself in another's shoes for a second. Otherwise we all just remain in a prison of our own making. Thanks for all your support. I will put up some cheerier pictures soon, I promise."

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