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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Max Cavalera Is Working On A Movie Soundtrack With Thomas Mignone

Last year, Max Cavalera and video director Thomas Mignone (Mudvayne, Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold, Morbid Angel) filmed the video in and around Los Angeles for SOULFLY's crushing song "World Scum".

After collaborating together on the video for "World Scum", Cavalera and Mignone are now working on a soundtrack for an upcoming movie that is being produced by Mignone. Here is what the band posted regarding this NEW venture: 
"Check this out!!! Max is working with famed Music Video Producer "Thomas Mignone" on a soundtrack for Thomas' upcoming feature film. You can find more details about the film here: www.vanessadelriofilmproject.com

"Also, we ask that you give our friend an add because he is such a killer part of our tribe! Add --> DOOM Inc, and tell him we sent you. Do iiiit! Feel free to share it as well, we want to get the word spread!"

Round II of the "Maximum Cavalera Tour", featuring SOULFLY, INCITE and LODY KONG is on its way!

Date & Time:                   Venue:                                               Info:
Us Mar 07, 2013 Machine Shop
Flint. MI US
More Info »
Ca Mar 08, 2013 Mod Club Theatre
Toronto. ONT CA
More Info »
Ca Mar 09, 2013 Corona Theatre
Montreal CA
More Info »
Us Mar 10, 2013 Asylum
Portland. ME US
More Info »
Us Mar 11, 2013 Higher Ground
South Burlington. VT US
More Info »
Us Mar 12, 2013 The Arena
Nashua. NH US
More Info »
Us Mar 14, 2013 The Gramercy Theatre
New York. NY US
More Info »

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