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Saturday, March 9, 2013

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "Unplugs" Themselves In Los Angeles, CA - Set List & Images Available!

This past Wednesday, March 6, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY leader Zakk Wylde was the center of attention at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, California. The occasion? Wylde and his band performed a very special "unplugged" concert for an upcoming DVD entitled "Unblackened". Our friend Jamie Harvey from Grammy.com, was present at the event and put together a pretty solid review. Here are a few excerpts of her review, followed by some images of Wylde and crew. Enjoy!

- The band's concert at Club Nokia celebrated his career outside of his renowned stint with the legendary Ozzy Osbourne, summarizing his body of work with his early '90s project Pride & Glory, solo albums such as 1996's 'Book Of Shadows', and his catalog with BLS, which spans nearly 15 years.

- The BLS crowd is akin to a biker gang: They all ... and I mean all ... wear BLS back patches adorning vests and coats and BLS shirts. They refer to themselves as "chapters" based on location, and they're all part of a "family." As the chapters assembled, some seated and some standing, and some with a glass of beer or whiskey in hand, they meandered around equipment set up to both live stream the show on AXS TV and to record the performance for a live DVD/CD to be titled 'Unblackened'.

- Set List:

"Losin' Your Mind"
"The Blessed Hellride"
"Sold My Soul"
"Road Back Home"
"Spoke In The Wheel"
"House Of Doom"
"Queen Of Sorrow"
"Machine Gun Man"
"Sweet Jesus"
"In This River"
"Throwin' It All Away"
"Takillya (Estyabon)"
"Won't Find It Here"
"I Thank You Child"

Read Jamie's full review HERE!

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Willie Phister said...

Waiting for the cd/dvd with baited breath

Anonymous said...

Will it re-air on AXS-tv?

Anonymous said...

I read it was a one time airing on AXS TV. Show was just ok (felt really rushed because of live tv), wish it was more acoustic though.