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Friday, March 8, 2013

GOJIRA Warns Fans About Fake Band Member Profiles On Facebook - Statement Available!

Last year, GOJIRA released their fifth studio album entitled 'L'Enfant Sauvage' via Roadrunner Records and it caused a lot of commotion within the Heavy Music world thanks to top quality that every song carries within the record. When you add this to their flawless live shows, it is safe to assume that GOJIRA are here to stay. The key is for them to remain consistent and for you to continue supporting them. 


Facebook profiles of Gojira Band members Joe and Mario Duplantier are FAKE. Joe and Mario do not have any Facebook account but are checking your messages and posts on the official Facebook page www.facebook.com/GojiraMusic

Also there is NO OFFICIAL Gojira FANCLUB at this time. All "fanclubs" you can find on the web and on Facebook are run by fans not by the band.

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We recently chatted with the bands drummer and co-founder Mario Duplantier. During the chat Mario discusses the bands mindset from the moment they started working on 'L'Enfant Sauvage' and how working with his brother Joe has been elemental for the success of GOJIRA. He also discussed how growing up in a small town in France helped to shape up the Duplantier brothers as musicians. Without further due, here is a video interview with one of the best drummers in Heavy Music. Enjoy! 

Video by: Zulie Alvarez

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