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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

ESCAPE Becomes The First Cuban Based Metal Band To Ever Perform In New York City - Videos Available!

This passed Saturday, April 27th, music history was written by ESCAPE at "Metal Revolution" (presented by Horns Up Rocks and Unblock The Rock) at Tobacco Road in New York City, as they become the first Cuban based band to ever perform in New York City! In celebration of this awesome achievement the band were joined on stage by legendary guitar player Alex Skolnick of TESTAMENT. Joining ESCAPE were their Cuban brothers from FIREHAZE as well as SHITKILL, DEATH IMMORTAL, SIXTH RENAISSANCE and DARK MATTER.

The entire night was a great musical experience for all involved, and we have to hand it to the crowd who packed Tobacco Road from beginning to end. Thanks to everyone who was part of METAL REVOLUTION! Here are some videos filmed by our good friend Carlos "Panchito" Sanchez of ESCAPE's performance!

Horns Up Rocks decided to join forces with UBTR to host Escape at Tobacco Road. "For Horns Up Rocks it is vital to keep underground music alive and breathing. This can only be done thanks to bands like ESCAPE, a band willing to cross all borders for the love of their music, and most importantly their culture,” explained our founder Jö Schüftan.

Photos by: Francine Grillo

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