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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Max Cavalera Will Not Be Part Of NEW SEPULTURA Documentary & Might Have To Take Legal Action!

As announced yesterday HERE, SEPULTURA are calling all the members of the tribe, in order to help them out with the production of the "official" SEPS documentary via Kickstarter.

Right after we heard about this, our first question was whither or not the co-founders of the band (Max and Iggor Cavalera) would be included on this documentary. Max's wife Gloria Bujnowski, who managed SEPULTURA all the way until Max left the band in 1996, posted the following message regarding the above mentioned documentary. She also made it very clear that Max does not use Facebook and that all accounts that claim to be Max are fake.

"Just to remind you, Max has no FB page, so please do not friend the numerous people pretending to be him. Also, Max is NOT involved in the "official" documentary being made, even though they are using his image without Max's permission. Don't be fooled!! Funny they are using a song Max wrote, for the add, instead of a song they wrote.... Max's book, out this fall, will give the true story of his life! Have a killer Tuesday and Thank you!!"
In our humble opinion if the current members of SEPULTURA want to add production value to their documentary, they should patch things up with the Cavalera's and include them in the documentary. Otherwise, they are cutting out the roots of the band out.
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