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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

GIGANTOUR 2013 Announces Yet Another Killer Artist!

Earlier this week it was confirmed that MEGADETH will be joined by HELLYEAH, DEVICE (David Draiman's NEW band), and DEATH DIVISION for the 2013 version of "Gigantour"!

Another great reason to attend has been added! Jason Newsted has jumped on board the GIGANTOUR crazy train with his NEW solo band NEWSTED!

Additionally, MEGADETH will be supporting their 14th studio album 'Super Collider' (available June 4th via Universal Music Group with Mustaine's NEW label, Tradecraft). HELLYEAH features Vinnie Paul from PANTERA and DAMAGEPLAN, PLUS Chad Gray from MUDVAYNE! As mentioned above DEVICE features David Draiman from DISTURBED. Also featured on the bill are DEATH DIVISION, the band that features Tim Yeung from MORBID ANGEL and Jerry Montano from DANZIG and NOTHINGFACE. And as mentioned above, NEWSTED features Jason Newsted, former bassist for METALLICA.

More details, including tour-dates to be announced soon.

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