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Monday, April 29, 2013

LACUNA COIL's Andrea Ferro: Life On The Road, NEW Album, AC MILAN & Marriage As A Touring Musician!

On April 17th, Italy's LACUNA COIL arrived at the Best Buy Theater in New York City to warm hundreds of ear buds for both SEVENDUST and COAL CHAMBER. Also on the bill were the great folks from STOLEN BABIES. While warming up a crowd is never easy, LC makes it look easy. For all of us who have seen them perform live, we know they take their job very seriously and this is evident from the moment they step on stage. Even though they were forced to perform without their bassist
Marco Coti Zelati who has tendonitis, they got the job done!

Prior to his bands performance Andrea Ferro (the male voice of LACUNA COIL and the founder of the band) met with us backstage to chat about all things LC. During the interview, we talked about the band extensive three month tour and how he manages to keep his marriage healthy while on the road. We also talked about the dynamic between him and Cristina Scabbia (the bands female voice), and how this has on effect on the bands signature sound. He also offered us an update regarding the future of the band and of course we talked about Italian soccer! Without further due, here is our in-depth interview with Andrea Ferro.

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