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Friday, May 17, 2013

Horns Up Rocks: NEW Website Launch Details Announced!

The time has come, Horns Up Rocks is proud to announce that the beast (our NEW website) will be unleashed on Saturday, June 1, 2013 at 11 PM ET!

Join us for a night that will not only be historic, but will also kick off your Summer in style! The NEW website launch concert and party will take place at The Trash Bar in Brooklyn, New York and on Internet browsers all over the world!

Show details:
- 7 to 8 PM: Open Bar (Well Liquor & PBR) *
- 7 to 9 PM: DJ set by DJ Turbö from Bullspike Radio *
- 8 to finish: LIVE art by Joey James Hernandez!
- 9 PM to 12 AM: Surprise Special Bands + Guitar shredding session by BIG ROB *
- 11 PM: Horns Up Rocks.com 2.0 Launch, presented by Jö Schüftan *

*: Subject to change

RSVP here!

Horns Up Rocks' NEW website features:

- Reviews
- HUR Media
- Band Of The Week 

- Tours
- Today In Music
- Quote Of The Day
- Inside The Pit
- Contests
- Merchandise
- Pit Of Suggestions

- Video Of The Day
- Chica Of The Day
Here are a few screenshots:

We hope to see you in person, and thanks so much for the continuous support!

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