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Friday, May 17, 2013

Stream Of A "NEW" Trivium Parody Song!

Here is another reason why Matt Heafy from TRIVIUM rules! While the song you will listen to in a few seconds (if you dare) is not part of the bands upcoming album, it is funny as well. This is what Heafy had to say about this "NEW song":

"This was a parody song recorded right around the time of Trivium’s 'Ascendancy'. The 2004/2005 emo/post-pop punk-scene had several bands with the “-day” in their name, with non-sensical titles.

"I figured… “Hey… I can write music like that super easily.” This took merely a few hours to write, record, mix and master.

"Paolo (Trivium) played bass, I played guitars and sang and programmed the Boss drum machine, Jason Suecof manned the recording desk.

"I did this completely intoxicated too.

"Enjoy this oldie but goodie.

"Dedicated to anyone who thought we weren't metal enough!"

Listen to "Head On Collision With A Rose Bush Catching Fire" here!
In some serious TRIVIUM news, the band announced earlier this week that they are D O N E mixing their NEW sonic assault, and that it will be mastered early next week! Colin Richardson was the mixer for the bands sixth studio album. The effort was produced by David Draiman, frontman of DISTURBED and DEVICE. Here is what Draiman had to say about working with TRIVIUM!

It is safe to assume that the band will release their NEW record before the Summer festival season begins. So get stoked!

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