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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Vote For The HOTTEST Chicks In Hard Rock & Metal!

It’s safe to assume that anyone reading these lines is aware of a publication called Revolver Magazine and their annual "Hottest Chicks In Hard Rock and Metal" issue. The hotness of the women presented there can be argued according to one’s personal taste, but that’s not the point. Revolver and its editor got endlessly bashed online for the latest issue on the grounds of it objectifying women and that the magazine highlighted their looks instead of their musical talents (which, frankly, are also questionable and taste-accountable).
On September 4, the seventh annual "Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock and Metal" issue hits newsstands, and REVOLVER want to know who you want to see in the issue and on the cover. So cast your vote for the single most beautiful and badass babe in Heavy Music right now, and help us decide who makes the pages of the mag! You can vote HERE, or on Twitter with the hashtag #hottestchicksinhardrock, or by emailing Letters@RevolverMag.com with the subject line “Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock”.

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