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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ORANGE GOBLIN: Video Premiere Of "Acid Trial"!

'A Eulogy For The Damned' is ORANGE GOBLIN’s seventh studio album and first under the Candlelight Records banner. The offering continues to reap praise for its pure, sonic awesomeness from fans and critics nationally. Popdose called it  "…pretty damn fantastic. Rockin’, riff-tastic and possibly the best record from start to finish that they’ve released yet". Blistering crowned it "…a total pure-bred Metal album", adding that, "there’s not a trace of fluff or even a sideways idea to be found, which makes its execution all the more impressive", while Decibel proclaimed: "Long-haired limeys, maximum riffage and turbo doom. Biker Rock. From England. And it’s pretty awesome". Metal Underground agreed: "With a sound that splits the difference between Sabbath and Motörhead, ORANGE GOBLIN serves up a potent dose of ’70s-style Metal on 'A Eulogy For The Damned'. Gloomy doom and Punk power have seldom sounded so good together", while About.com added: "Orange Goblin's A Eulogy For The Damned… is a lesson for the lesser ones. This is how to make a solid Heavy Metal album. It’s how the Chimera roars when it wants everyone to hear".

You can now watch Orange Goblin's NEW video for their song "Acid Trial" (courtesy of Metal Injection and Scion AV):

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