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Monday, June 25, 2012

MINISTRY Brings The Noise To New York City - Images & Set List Of The DEFIBRILLATOUR Available!

Thirty years and 12 albums later, as well as a near-death experience in 2010, Jourgensen rises as a phoenix from the ashes with 'Relapse' -- still angry, still political and very very pissed off. Relapsing back into the music industry after a four-year hiatus, Jourgensen launches his audio assault with "Ghouldiggers," a no-holds-barred Metal bullet aimed directly at the pitfalls of the industry he has survived. Everything Jourgensen predicted on Houses of the Molé, Rio Grande Blood and The Last Sucker has transpired and as we approach the Mayan calendar of the End of Days in 2012, Jourgensen, re-invigorated by the global "99 Percenters" and Occupy Wall Street movement, navigates through Relapse once again as a reluctant prophet accusing, dissecting, cajoling and exhorting greed, corruption and lies.

This past Saturday (June 23rd), the band arrived to New York City's Best buy Theater to bring the noise via "The DEFIBRILLATOUR"! Compiling a 19 song set list that included many of the bands classics, as well as plenty of NEW songs and even a cover by the STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH, the Industrial Metallers proved why they are one of the finest bands in the history of the genre (which they pioneered). The set list was as follows:

1) Ghouldiggers
2) No W
3) Rio Grande Blood
4) Señor Peligro
5) LiesLiesLies
6) 99 Percenters
7) Watch Yourself
8) Life Is Good
9) Waiting
10) Worthless
11) Relapse
12) The Last Sucker
13) Khyber Pass


14) Psalm 69
15) N.W.O.
16) Just One Fix
17) Thieves
18) So What

Encore 2:

19) United Forces (Stormtroopers Of Death Cover)


U.S. Dates (remaining tour dates):

6/23/2012 New York, NY @ Best Buy Theater
6/28/2012 Chicago, IL @ The Vic Theatre
6/29/2012 Chicago, IL @ The Vic Theatre

European Dates:

7/1/2012 Helsinki, Finland @ Tuska Open Air Fest
7/4/2012 Oslo, Norway @ Rockefeller
7/6/2012 Gavle, Sweden @ Getaway Rock Festival
7/8/2012 Hamburg, Germany @ Docks
7/10/2012 Leipzig, Germany @ Werk 2
7/12/2012 Tilburg, Netherlands @ O13
7/13/2012 Belgium @ Dour Festival
7/16/2012 Bristol, UK @ Academy
7/17/2012 Belfast, Ireland @ Mandella Hall
7/18/2012 Dublin, Ireland @ Vicar Street
7/20/2012 London, UK @ The Forum
7/21/2012 Manchester, UK @ Academy
7/24/2012 Madrid, Spain @ Riviera
7/25/2012 Bilbao, Spain @ Rockstar
7/27/2012 Selstat, France @ L'Art Scenique Festival
7/28/2012 Paris, France @ La Cigale
7/29/2012 Etaple, France @ Rock en Stock Festival
7/31/2012 Luzern, Switzerland @ Konzerthaus Schurr
8/2/2012 Pniewy, Poland @ Woodstock Open Air
8/4/2012 Wacken, Germany @ Wacken Open Air
8/6/2012 Munich, Germany @ Backstagewerk
8/8/2012 Budapest, Hungary @ Sziget Festival
8/9/2012 Czech Republic @ Brutal Assault Festival
8/11/2012 Moscow, Russia @ Moscow Arena
8/12/2012 St. Petersburg, Russia @ Glav Club

Tickets for Ministry's 2012 DeFibrillaTouR are on sale now at this location.

Live photos by: Simi Friedman

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