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Friday, June 29, 2012

SOULFLY To Perform At "Gathering of the Juggalos" & Announce "Maximum Cavalera Tour II"!

SOULFLY will be performing at the 2012 "Gathering of the Juggalos", to be held August 8-12 in Cave-in-Rock, Illinois, where it's been the last few years. The event has been gaining mainstream media attention and getting larger and larger each year, with its organizers, Insane Clown Posse, welcoming hip-hop, Hard Rock and Metal performers, professional wrestlers, and comedians to the event's multiple stages, including everyone from Ice Cube, George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic, and Method Man and Redman to GWAR and Charlie Sheen. And now, SOULFLY will be the first Roadrunner Records artist to play for the notoriously volatile juggalo audience, who shower performers with love (and Faygo soda) if they like them and hurl bottles if they don't. Here is what Max Cavalera had to say about this unique opportunity:

Says frontman Max Cavalera, "It's a challenge and at the same time it's an honor that they specifically asked for SOULFLY to play at the festival. We're gonna give our best show possible and we're going to fuck shit up at the Gathering of the Juggalos".

It has also be announced that the second chapter of the "Maximum Cavalera Tour" is happening! The trek which features SOULFLY, INCITE and LODY KONG, will kick off on Tuesday, July 31st in San Francisco, California and will conclude on Friday, August 17th in Amityville, New York. A complete list of tour dates is available below.

- Tuesday July, 31st: San Francisco, CA at Slims
- Wednesday August, 1st: Santa Ana, CA at Yost theatre
- Thursday August, 2nd: Phoenix, AZ at Marquee theatre
- Friday August, 3rd: Las Vegas, NV at Cheyenne Saloon
- Saturday August, 4th: Tucson, AZ at The Rock
- Monday August, 6th: Corpus Christi, TX at House of Rock
- Tuesday August, 7th: San Antonio, TX at Korova
- Wednesday August, 8th: Little rock, AR at Juanita's
- Friday August, 10th: Toledo, OH at Headliners
- Saturday August, 11th: Mt. Clemens, MI at Emerald Theatre
- Sunday August, 12th: Joliet, IL at Mojoes
- Monday August, 13th: Covington, KY at Madison Theatre
- Tuesday August, 14th: Springfield, VA at Empire
- Wednesday August, 15th: Rochester, NY at Montage Music Hall
- Thursday August, 16th: PoughKeepsie, NY at The Chance
- Friday August, 17th: Amityville, NY at Revolution

Video credit: Steve Lars from Creative Ventures International & Steve Lars on Facebook

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