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Monday, July 30, 2012

PANTERA: Full Concert Footage Of Last Show Ever In Korea!

12 years ago, after Pantera released their last major label album 'Reinventing The Steel' (March 13, 2000), everyone was caught by surprise due to the musicality displayed by the Pantera boys. Perhaps not their heaviest album (even though it is heavy as hell), on 'Reinventing The Steel' Pantera took their music into yet another level and many say that this album gave birth to the NuMetal movement.

As we all know, Pantera started as a glam band and it was 'Cowboys From Hell' (released on July 3, 1990) they clearly left shaped up their signature sound. But if there is one factor that was kept intact by the band, was that their live shows only got better and better. Here is full concert footage of Pantera's last gig ever in Korea during the "Extreme Steel Tour". Crank it up and watch it go!

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