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Monday, July 30, 2012

Watch Video Footage Of MINISTRY's Al Jourgensen Collapsing During A Concert In Europe!

This past Friday (July 27),  MINISTRY's founder Al Jourgensen was rushed to a hospital via ambulance after collapsing on stage during the middle of the bands performance in Paris, France. According to RadioMetal.com, Jourgensen  came on stage looking "rather intoxicated and was nearly unable to move throughout the performance".

Last year Jourgensen told Metal Hammer magazine that his decision to break up MINISTRY in 2008 after 11 albums and 27 years was largely due to his health problems.

"I'd been throwing up blood for the last three tours and like an idiot, I didn't think there was anything wrong," Jourgensen said. "So I came back, [off tour] and it got better for a couple weeks. Then in March 2010, I went into a seizure and bled out 65% of my body and they had to take me by ambulance to the ICU where I flatlined. I was dead. I couldn't hold down food and I just didn't know what was wrong. I spent a week in ICU where they gave me a 100% blood transfusion."

He added, "After a tour I had [an ulcer] burst right over a main artery in my stomach. They found 13 of them from my esophagus to my intestines which had scarred over, which explains why I'd been puking for years.

"I spent most of 2011 in doctor's offices, brain scans, everything. They've probed holes I didn't even know I had, but I've lost 50 pounds. I'm a vegetarian again, I have a personal trainer, I do 20 miles on my bike every day, I eat right, I'm the healthiest I've been in over 20 years."

When Revolver magazine asked Jourgensen earlier this year if he can still drink, he said: "I have a male nurse who weights 350 pounds named Hector. I call him 'Hector, the third bottle rejecter.' I'm only allowed two bottles of wine a day now. And it doesn't even get to that. It's about a bottle and a half, and that seems to be good along with the medicine I have to take every day for the rest of my life. I just went and saw my doctor and she said, 'Yeah, you're actually doing pretty good for being a fucking degenerate.'"

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7/31/2012 Luzern, Switzerland @ Konzerthaus Schurr
8/2/2012 Pniewy, Poland @ Woodstock Open Air
8/4/2012 Wacken, Germany @ Wacken Open Air
8/6/2012 Munich, Germany @ Backstagewerk
8/8/2012 Budapest, Hungary @ Sziget Festival
8/9/2012 Czech Republic @ Brutal Assault Festival
8/11/2012 Moscow, Russia @ Moscow Arena
8/12/2012 St. Petersburg, Russia @ Glav Club

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