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Monday, July 30, 2012

Horns Up Rocks Launches Fund Raiser Campaign For Version 2.0; Many Perks Included For Contributors!

In the world of Heavy Music, only the strongest survive. The future of music is now and this is why we are building the NEXT chapter of www.HornsUpRocks.com. Our NEW website is based on our foundation, which is based on this principle: unite the fans by celebrating our lifestyle! We are 110% committed to the International Army of musicians who share our vision: keep underground music alive and well!

Mission: To promote Heavy Music worldwide by offering bands, fans, non-fans and people who want to learn about the different types of Heavy music, a one stop shop for all things Heavy!

Join the revolution, contribute to our Indiegogo campaign! Click HERE: www.indiegogo.com/hornsup

Thanks for your continuous support and spread the word! \m/

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