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Monday, July 30, 2012

VEXT Announces NEW Bassist Search - Audition Information Available!

As previously reported Tommy Vext (ex-Divine Heresy & Snot) has a brand NEW project called VEXT. If you haven't heard it yet you might want to give your ears a chance to listen to a very fresh approach. The bands debut EP is called 'Impermanence' and its available now via all digital outlets.

Tommy Vext has just announced that bassist Andrew Jacobs has stepped down as the bands bass player. Here is Tommy's statement:

"Do to personal reasons (AJ) Andrew Jacobs has been forced to step down from his responsibilities as the bassist of Vext.

"I Love AJ like family & we all hope he can resolve the situations he's dealing with & get back to doing what he Loves most which is making music.

That being said VEXT will be holding bass player auditions this August through September.
VEXT is ALSO looking for a SECOND GUITARIST. Preferably a song writer but Shredders are of course welcome ;-)

"To set up auditions, send mp3's or YouTube videos, please email Tommyvext@yahoo.com
I will be corresponding directly."

Videographer and photographer: Tania Gomez

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