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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gloria Cavalera Reflects On The Death Of Her Son Dana 16 Years Ago; SOULFLY To Headline The "D-Low Memorial Festival" Tonight In Arizona!

Today (August 2nd), Max Cavalera's SOULFLY will be headlining the 16th annual D-Low Memorial Festival at the Marquee Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona. Also appearing on the bill will be Incite and Lody Kong (both bands feature Max's sons) and Cattle Decapitation!

The D-Low Memorial Festival is an annual event held in memory of Dana Wells (Max Cavalera's stepson), who was killed after the release of Sepultura's "Roots" in 1996. In 2004, the band recorded part of their 'The Song Remains Insane' DVD at the show. Here is what Gloria Cavalera (Dana's mother and Max's wife) posted on her Facebook page regarding the 16th anniversary of her sons death:

‎"16 years without one of your children is a long struggle. Sure, you get used to it and begin to smile again, but there is always a lion sleeping in your soul. He wakes up on holidays, during your dreams, or even driving by a landmark of a happier moment. It takes all you have got to put him back to sleep.

"If you go to the Phoenix New Times site and pull up an article from 1998 titled 'For Reasons Unknown', you will find an article written by David Holthaus. He was an investigative reporter back in the day who did an independent investigation on Dana's strange death. At the end, you will find a post which posted last year on the night of the 15th DLOW show day. It is written by the boy who drove the car that swerved Dana off the road. Its quite rude comical and full of statements that are not facts. He plead the 5th on all questions at his depositions, refused all requests for a lie detector test and states facts about Dana's drinking etc. that are false, as proven by affidavits and witness testimony. Dana did not have high alcohol content in his blood and was not hopped up on drugs, contrary to the statements made in the rant. I found it especially interesting that this boy/man posted this piece on the night of the Dlow show. You can check it out for yourself HERE.

"Maybe you will smell the same odor I got when I read it Max wrote 'Bleed', 'Pain', 'Tree of Pain',
'First Commandment', 'Revengance', 'In Memory Of', 'Wings', and many other tracks to express the misery our family has gone through because of that one instant, 16 years ago. It was a time also of 'No Hope, No Fear'.

"Thanks to all of you who helped us, and softened the blow dealt to our family. You helped us through a tragic, hopeless time. 'Walking Through This World, Youv'e Got to Hold Your Head up High!!!' I would also like to shout out an extra special thanks to the Deftones who respected their friend, Dana, in life and also after his death. Soul Fly, Fly Free!!! Peace."

As previously reported, the second chapter of the "Maximum Cavalera Tour" is currently happening all across the nation! A list of remaining tour dates is available below.

- Thursday August, 2nd: Phoenix, AZ at Marquee theatre (D-Low Memorial Show)
- Friday August, 3rd: Las Vegas, NV at Cheyenne Saloon
- Saturday August, 4th: Tucson, AZ at The Rock
- Monday August, 6th: Corpus Christi, TX at House of Rock
- Tuesday August, 7th: San Antonio, TX at Korova
- Wednesday August, 8th: Little rock, AR at Juanita's
- Friday August, 10th: Toledo, OH at Headliners
- Saturday August, 11th: Mt. Clemens, MI at Emerald Theatre
- Sunday August, 12th: Joliet, IL at Mojoes
- Monday August, 13th: Covington, KY at Madison Theatre
- Tuesday August, 14th: Springfield, VA at Empire
- Wednesday August, 15th: Rochester, NY at Montage Music Hall
- Thursday August, 16th: PoughKeepsie, NY at The Chance
- Friday August, 17th: Amityville, NY at Revolution

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