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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

METALLICA's Kirk Hammett Talks About His NEW Horror Book!

Recently, METALLICA's shredder Kirk Hammett spoke to the San Francisco Chronicle about his upcoming 228-page book “Too Much Horror Business”, which documents his obsession with all things horror and large collection of horror memorabilia. Here’s what Hammett had to say about his latest endeavor:

“I’ve been into [horror] stuff since I was 5 years old – you could say I started as a collector back then. But at one point, when I was 14, I discovered music, and for a long time it took over my life. My love for this stuff is insane and totally obsessive-compulsive – it’s just one of those things. I’m still waiting to outgrow it or get tired of it or get bored with it… but that never seems to happen.”

“When I see my kids totally into their Legos, it brings me back to the days I was hanging out and playing with my monster models – it brings me there in a second. The other day we watched ‘Bride Of Frankenstein’, and my kids loved it,” he said.

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