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Monday, September 10, 2012

VISION OF DISORDER's NEW Album 'The Cursed Remain Cursed' Is Available For Your Listening Pleasure!

In times in which music has become somewhat predictable, generic and stale, it is very important for artists to be able to take their time developing their musical craft while moving forward with their art form. There is of course a lot of pressure for any band today, since lets face it the music industry is on a very fragile plateau and as a result bands don't "break" as quickly as they used to. Nowadays artists need to release high quality material otherwise they will get eaten up by their competitors and dissed by their fans. If there is a very positive outcome from the era of digital music its that artists must strive for quality over quantity.

This is something that VISION OF DISORDER fully understands and this is why they took their time with the overall process for their NEW album 'The Cursed Remain Cursed' (set to be released on September 18th via Candlelight Records). You need proof right? Well, here it is! Listen to VOD's NEW album right now, thanks to METAL HAMMER's "The Hammer Spotlight". Just click HERE!

Read our full album review HERE!

As previously reported, VISION OF DISORDER has announced that they will be filming a music video for their song "Hard Times (confirmed by vocalist Tim Williams), during their upcoming UK tour. The song is part of their anticipated pending full-length, 'The Cursed Remain Cursed' (set to be released on September 18th via Candlelight Records).


- 9/14/2012 The Underworld - London, UK
- 9/15/2012 Mojo Live - Manchester, UK
- 9/29/2012 Club Reverb - Reading, PA @ East Coast Tsunami Fest w/ Biohazard, Cro-Mags, One Life Crew, Madball, D.R.I., Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front
- 10/19/2012 Club Revolution - Long Island, NY
- 11/24/2012 Music Hall of Williamsburg - Brooklyn, NY w/ Primitive Weapons, Yuppicide

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