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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

SONATA ARCTICA To Tour North America With ARSIS; Band Working On NEW Music!

Finnish Power Metallers SONATA ARCTICA have revealed the first batch of dates for the North American 'Stones Grow Her Name' tour. ARSIS will serve as main support. Here is the initial list of tour dates, with more to be added soon! So stay tuned!

- 06.12.2012: Gramercy Theatre, New York, NY (USA)
- 07.12.2012: The Palladium, Worcester, MA (USA)
- 08.12.2012: The Note, West Chester, PA (USA)
- 09.12.2012: Empire, Springfield, VA (USA)
- 11.12.2012: Opera House, Toronto (Canada)
- 13.12.2012: Peabody’s, Cleveland, OH (USA)
- 15.12.2012: Mojoes, Joliet, IL (USA)
- 17.12.2012: Bluebird Theater, Denver, CO (USA)

SONATA ARCTICA has announced that they are working on NEW music:

"You didn't really think that we have 5 weeks off between the last summer festival and the first club show in Finland, did you ? We did had a week off and then met up to rehearse some stuff for a couple of days. We managed to get 4 songs together and during the next two days we went to the Tico-Tico studio in Kemi and had a hilarious recording session. What we recorded and how will be revealed during this fall.  The next couple of weeks will be spent fixing equipment, rehearsing some new songs and trying to get the show together for the fall tours. We'll change the setlist a bit from the summer and try to throw in some surprise-things as well (of course it will only be a surprise for the first show before it's all over the internet :-) )." - HENKKA

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