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Monday, September 10, 2012

PHILM: BLACK SABBATH Cover Of "Symptom Of The Universe" With Rob Dukes (EXODUS/GENERATION KILL)!

Last night, SLAYER's Dave Lombardo performed a very intimate set with his NEW power trio PHILM.  The event took place at Dingbatz in Clifton, New Jersey, and also featured Rob Dukes' GENERATION KILL, LOW ROAD, HAMMER FIGHT and ONE BREAK DOWN. Additionally, Jose Mangin (SIRIUS XM) hosted and DJed the event.

During PHILM's excellent performance, the band performed the majority of their NEW album 'Harmonic' (available now via Ipecac Recordings). While the band is still getting used to playing live shows together and their sound does get lost in translation at times, seeing Dave Lombardo perform in a small club will forever live in the Metallic memories of all the fans who attended.

At the very end of their set, PHILM welcomed EXODUS/GENERATION KILL vocalist Rob Dukes and they collectively performed a badass cover of BLACK SABBATH's "Symptom Of The Universe". Stop what you are doing and watch it now!

PHILM and GENERATION KILL will be performing tonight in Trenton, New Jersey at The Backstage at Championship Bar!

PHILM's debut album, 'Harmonic', is set for a May 15 release via Ipecac Recordings. The 15-track release was recorded in 2011 with members Dave Lombardo (Slayer), Pancho Tomaselli (WAR) and Gerry Nestler (Civil Defiance) collectively writing the release and utilizing vintage recording equipment during the recording sessions, giving the music a unique flavor AOL Noisecreep called "crunchy, Thrashy, yet thoroughly unclassifiable."

Video and photo by: Zulie Alvarez (www.zuliephotographierocks.com/)

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