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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY: FREE EP 'Megalodon' Available Now For Legal Download!

Earlier this year, Scion A/V decided to join Raleigh, North Carolina's CORROSION OF CONFORMITY to create 'Megalodon'! What is 'Megalodon'? The NEW EP from C.O.C.! And guess what? You can legally download the 5 song masterpiece for FREE right now! Get it HERE!

The track listing is as follows:

1) Feed On
2) Priest Brains
3) The Megalodon
4) Strong Medicine Too Late
5) The Vulture

In other C.O.C. news, Candlelight Records has re-released CORROSION OF CONFORMITY' Eye For An Eye in North America. This special reissue has been remastered/packaged and includes the EP "Six Songs With Mike Singing". Both titles have been out of print for years. It follows the successful release of the band’s self-titled album earlier this year. A deluxe digibook edition of the album, limited to 1000 for North America, will be available at limited retailers and via Candlelight’s official webstore. The digibook version includes extended liner notes and a rare pictorial gallery.

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