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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WSOU 89.5 FM: Radio-Thon Announced In Order To Collect Donations For Hurricane Sandy Relief!

As we all know, New Jersey was heavily hit by Hurricane Sandy. Yesterday we announced that the Starland Ballroom will be shut down until Spring of 2013 due to the amount of damage that the venue suffered (details HERE). Thankfully, the people of New Jersey are coming together and helping each other out.

Joining the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts is 89.5FM WSOU, who will be hosting a radio-thon in order to collect donations. The radio-thon will take place on Friday, November 30th. It will kick off at 6AM and will run until midnight. They will be DJing regular rotation music and will be taking breaks to ask for donations. Listeners will be able to call up and pledge various amounts of money. If a listener pledges $25+, he/she will be mailed a WSOU prize pack (contains WSOU stickers, pens, bottle openers and a random CD). If the pledge amount is $50+ the listener will receive a special Hurricane Sandy relief t-shift they are making specifically for the occasion and the prize pack as well.

If the donation is $100+ the listener will receive a WSOU Hoodie, the shirt, and the prize pack. They will also be running raffles all day. Raffle tickets can be purchased separately at $25 each. Some of the prizes being raffled are a signed Slipknot poster (includes Paul Gray), a 3 Inches of Blood snowboard and a framed drum head signed by all members of Five Finger Death Punch. There are also many other signed pieces of memorabilia to be given away. Their goal is to raise $8950 by the end of the day. They will also have a slew of guest DJs throughout the day.

Save the date: Friday, November 30th on WSOU 89.5 FM!

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1 comment:

Ethan Murphy said...

Truly proud to be from New Jersey. The recent generosities, humanitarianism and genuine kindness and compassion the entire United States has shown our state, is remarkable. Each day I learn of new efforts people are contributing to in order to help their fellow man, woman, child and animal. Seeing 89.5FM WSOU ally in these efforts is an added light of hope for those in dire straits.

The endless support continues across our coast and have bridged out to many neighboring states. These are certainly quintessential times of dignity, heroism and absolute allegiance to the needs of the common man.

I hope we build our homes stronger for the future, I hope our systems will better alert us for catastrophic preparations and I will not surrender my hope for civilization to educate ourselves from these dark times. May the spirit of caring, helping and blindly devoting ourselves to others, to be our newest trend...that never, ever tires.