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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

MACHINE HEAD's Robb Flynn Undergoes Surgery; Gets Blasted With "3 Nut" Jokes & Comments!

As you read this, MACHINE HEAD's General Robb Flynn is undergoing emergency surgery. Flynn had planned to go under the knife in January after completing the tour as he has been playing through the pain of a double inguinal hernia since the tour started in October. He had hoped to continue the tour despite extreme discomfort, but it's become too difficult to continue on. Flynn will undergo surgery tomorrow, Wednesday, November 14 in Minneapolis before returning home to California to recover, rest and recuperate. Machine Head will rejoin the tour in Portland, OR.
Below is Flynn’s statement about his health and the tour.

"I've been toughing out an inguinal hernia below my waistline since June of last year, and a few months ago got a second hernia in my nuts. What basically happens is my guts drop into my nuts, and it looks like I have a third testicle (man, I can hear the jokes already!) It hasn't been that painful, and I've gone to the doctor a few times to take care of it, but he said after surgery I probably couldn't sing for a few weeks, and since that wasn't going to happen, I scheduled it for January when I had a break.

"Unfortunately, after the last few shows, my guts have been very swollen and hard to push back in. Yesterday, the pain was excruciating and I went to the emergency room last night. They said that I need surgery.

"I will be doing my damnedest to rejoin the tour in a couple weeks. Thanks to all the fans, bands, and crew for understanding. I'm determined to see you all soon and finish what has been a great freakin tour!"

Now, here are the "3 Nut" jokes and comments we compiled via Flynn's Twitter. Follow him HERE:
: You got this, Robb. Just think how nice it'll feel to only have two balls again.
  I always thought u must have multiple balls anyway to sing like that. :)

: Best wishes to my metal brother and his extraordinary TRIPLE GONAD ATTACK. Get well soon, buddy.

: What do you call a Russian man with 3 testicles? Who-ja-knick-a-bollock-off.

: Sounds like you and 3 ball Burt have something in common. Glad you'll make LA.

: Be honest Robb, your really being fitted for a wheelbarrow to carry them round in. There's no shame in it admitting it."

: In Fubar2, had his nuts removed & could sing really high. You got an extra nut... How low can u sing now man!!??

: Your balls must look like they got hit by a Ten Ton Hammer! I bet they turned blue to gray.

: You should go out on a date with the 3 tittied chick from Total Recall, at least you have something in common.

: Robb's gonna need the Harlem Globetrotters to put those balls in his underwear basket.

: Robb Flynn can now teabag like no other

: there is a tale of mythological proportions that rocked so hard his body spontaneously created a 3rd testicle

: Hope you're not balls deep in a bad situation for long! Hope you're sorted soon lad!

 : E.T. Eddie Torres... The extra testicle!

: And that be the tale of Three Balled Flynn, a man so metal, he has not two, but three :P
: That's three more balls than anyone at Disney. Cheers to a speedy recovery! 

"Thanks for all he well wishes to my balls, you guys are nuts (no pun intended)!" - Robb Flynn
Earlier this week, MACHINE HEAD released 'Machine Fucking Head Live' via Roadrunner Records (Pick it up HERE!). It's Machine Head's second live effort; 'Hellalive' was released in 2003. Nine years have passed and Machine Head still slay and administer a "Bay Area Beatdown" in the live realm. Full details HERE!

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