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Friday, November 9, 2012

Henry Rollins Comments on Obama's Defeat Over Romney: "I have never been so happy to see an American politician's career come to an end."

Henry Rollins has commented on President Barack Obama's defeat over Mitt Romney, to win the re-election that made Obama the 44th president of the United States:

"I have never been so happy to see an American politician's career come to an end. I didn't think anyone in that dismal world could offend me more than Bush and Cheney, but Romney and Ryan managed to do it. I never thought I would miss John McCain but Romney made me miss him every time I heard Romney speak."

Writing in his weekly column for the LA Weekly, Rollins added, "Republicans did the best they could to keep people from voting. From sending out mail with the wrong date to cast your ballot to actually attempting to intimidate people at the polls. It didn't work. The American people kicked your ass. That has to hurt a bit. To hurl all your bully bullshit with such force only to see people stand in line for hours to vote, undeterred. Your disrespect for the Constitution and law is incredible. Congratulations, you have no credibility and on top of that, you lost. After all that money you spent in an attempt to steal an election, you still got beat. The fact that you went through all this for the sake of Mitt Romney must make it all the more humiliating."

He continued, "Republicans, these are your people: gay-hating, vagina-fearing phonies with their strange idea of rape who double down on dumb at every given opportunity. Well, at least you've got Clint Eastwood, Meatloaf and some NASCAR-driving dipshits to keep you company. I know 1865 was hard to walk off but come on, y'all, stop embarrassing yourselves!

"Citizens United didn't work. Hey, Koch brothers, Karl Rove, Shellgame Adelson: DEMOCRACY TRUMPS MONEY SOMETIMES."

Here is our message to you: Never forget that the most powerful force in ANY nation is US THE PEOPLE! As Sick Of It All says it: "All roads lead the same direction, we all see eye to eye. Won't stand for a bad connection, we came to keep things tight. Prove this, prove that... proving is nothing! Let's all just be ourselves! Focused with the right aggression, turn to each other for help!"

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