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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How Yesterday's Election Results Benefit The Heavy Music World!

Yesterday (November 6th), the people of the United States voted Barack Obama as their 44th president. The people also voted for various legislation's that in way or another, benefit the Heavy Music world. Here is what we are talking about:

- Residents in two states (Colorado and Washington) voted to legalize recreational marijuana. Other states have legalized medical marijuana (including Massachusetts on Tuesday).

How does this benefit the Heavy Music world? Well, while we don't condone the use of marijuana, we believe that it is a much healthier vice than cigarettes, alcohol, and other controlled substances such as cocaine and heroine. Additionally, the medicinal aspects of marijuana help thousands of patients worldwide to cope with many diseases.

- Maine and Maryland became the first states in which voters approved gay marriage. It had failed previously in 32 states, including Maine as recently as 2009. In addition, Wisconsin elected the first openly gay U.S. senator in history, with Rep. Tammy Baldwin’s (D) victory over former governor Tommy Thompson (R).

How does this benefit the Heavy Music world? Our music is all about the unity of the masses regardless of sexual orientation, race, nationality and religion background.

We at Horns Up Rocks don't really care about politics, but we do care about US the people! Here is our message to you: Never forget that the most powerful force in ANY nation is US THE PEOPLE! As Sick Of It All says it: "All roads lead the same direction, we all see eye to eye. Won't stand for a bad connection, we came to keep things tight. Prove this, prove that... proving is nothing! Let's all just be ourselves! Focused with the right aggression, turn to each other for help!"

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