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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sweden's Heavy Metal Architect Anders Björler Talks About The Future Of AT THE GATES!

As previously reported, THE HAUNTED's guitarist Patrik Jensen announced that guitarist Anders Björler and drummer Per Møller Jensen have quit the band (Full statements HERE!). Vocalist Peter Dolving had announced his departure from the band earlier this year (Read Dolving's stament HERE).

Following his departure from THE HAUNTED (Full statements HERE!), guitarist Anders Björler announced that he is working on his first solo album. "This is NOT a 'Metal' project", said Björler. "Those of you who are familiar with my soundtrack/movie stuff for THE HAUNTED and AT THE GATES documentaries will know somewhat to expect. It's inspired by Italian film music from the '60 and '70s, post Rock, ambient, progressive, jazz, and Swedish folk music."

AT THE GATES the NEW KISS when it comes to "farewell" tours.

Anders: "I think we learned from that mistake. We won't say goodbye again — ever. The main goal here is playing in territories we haven't played; it's that simple. We did South America in the summer and [now we're doing] Australia. Yeah, we'll do some exceptions, like the Barge To Hell boat. That's just vacation, basically — playing on a boat. Otherwise, we'll do, maybe, a couple of festivals each summer. Maybe three."


Anders: "For me, personally, no. I've never had those plans. I guess some of the other guys [in the band] want to, but certainly not me. Because I think too much time has passed. It was, maybe, 16 years ago, or 17, since we released 'Slaughter Of The Soul', and too much time has passed. I'm not at the place that I was back then, and it's not gonna sound like a continuation of 'Slaughter Of The Soul', and that's basically what I don't wanna do."

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