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Sunday, December 30, 2012

CHIMAIRA Debut NEW Song At Their Annual Christmas Bash - Video Available!

Last night (December 29), Cleveland's Heavy Metal beast CHIMAIRA returned to the stage for their first and only US appearance of 2012. The 13th annual Chimaira Christmas took place at Cleveland's House Of Blues.

During this awesome event, the band debuted a brand NEW song entitled "Eye Despise". You can check it out right here:

CHIMAIRA's own Mark Hunter recently chatted with Metal Insider about the follow-up to 2011's 'The Age Of Hell', which should be out in the summer of 2013 via eOne Music. Here is what Hunter had to say about the bands NEW direction:

"We have twelve demos written and we've actually gone into the studio and demoed it professionally instead of just a standard computer/Pro Tools kind of thing," he said. "We're getting ready to enter the studio in February and make a new album."

He added: "2011 sucked. [laughs] This year's been all about rebuilding and we got a chance to do overseas. Our first show with the new line-up was at Soundwave in Australia in front of 10,000 people. It was really nice to have to go through such a terrible year and just kind of stand on top of a mountain and go, 'Wow, OK, we got out of it, and we're here, we got a band, we sound great, and we can move forward.' So this year has been restructuring the entire business from the ground up, realigning ourselves with new teams; be it management, agent, merchandise companies, everything from the whole ground up. In my opinion, the only way to move forward was to rebuild the whole thing from the bottom up.

"We want to come out with an album that not only captures the essence of what the fans have grown to know over the years, but we want to do something not only for the scene that's special, but for musicians out there, too. The musicianship in this band now is definitely on the next level. Everyone's pretty much a virtuoso at their instrument. Some of the stuff Emil [Werstler, guitar] was writing yesterday on this new song, I'm watching him play and I'm like, 'There are only going to be about a handful of people that'll able to play this!' [laughs] I'm imagining like a kid getting home, getting our new record and maybe they have the guitar, and they go sit down and try play along to it. And it's going to take them a very long time. [laughs]

"We couldn't be happier moving forward. It sucks that we had to go through hell — no pun intended — to get to where we are now. But I think all of us, coming from lessons of life, lessons of bands, lessons of the industry, we've lived and learned and now we have something completely different to prove."

Stay tuned for more CHIMAIRA news!


- Matt Szlachta
- Emil Werstler
- Sean Z
- Mark Hunter
- Austin D'amond
- Jeremy Creamer

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