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Thursday, January 3, 2013

ICED EARTH Wants Their Fans Input Regarding NEW DVD 'Live In Ancient Kourion'

As previously reported, ICED EARTH performed on August 19 at the ancient Kourion Amphitheater, outside Limassol in Cyprus! The band installed high def cameras and audio recorders in order to capture the NEW upcoming CD/DVD entitled 'Live In Ancien Kourion'. The concert featured1,500 fans who witnessed a three hour long concert and featured on-stage scenery and artwork that was uniquely created for this special event. Legendary producer Jim Morris of Morrisound Studios (ICED EARTH, SEPULTURA, MORBID ANGEL, DEATH, SAVATAGE) supervised the entire audio section with the help of the ToneDeaf Recording Studio. Tracklisting available HERE!

After reviewing the footage, the band realized that the video footage does not meet the requirements needed for a BluRay Disk. Here is a note from the band regarding this matter:

"Dear ICED EARTH fans,

As we are editing the DVD and getting to the finishing line, there is one thing where we very much want your input.

"We went to Cyprus and attempted the impossible: to film a DVD with very little or no infrastructure in an amphitheatre that had never seen a rock show before.

"We did it, the results are amazing and we are very excited about the outcome -- we feel this DVD is something to be truly proud of.

"However, we did promise you it would be a BluRay Disk release as well and here's where you come in:

"As we reviewed the footage, it became apparent that the cameras did not record in high enough resolution to be able to do a BluRay in 1080p resolution.

"It is 720p and it looks really, really good, but it's not 1080p.

"ICED EARTH is a band that cares about their fans and would never do anything that could even remotely feel dishonest. That's why we felt this path of involving you, our fans, is the best way for us to judge what we should do.

"With this being said:


"Please make your voices heard -- we consider this our true sounding board."

Use this link to leave your response!

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