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Monday, February 18, 2013

"LIVING LOUD: The American Metal Underground Exposed" Is Coming To America This Fall!

Each year, Project Independent coordinates with promoters throughout the world to find the best, independent Metal artists in the area. They then invite these artists to participate in their exclusive artist showcases, where they perform in front of their peers, and in the presence of Project Independent A&R. The best, most professional artists are then selected to participate in an online voting process where music fans from around the world decide who will be the next Project Independent Featured Artist. Project Independent is ran by Jeff Totten, a man that understands the music business and who works daily in order to improve this amazing event.

This fall, Project Independent presents: "Living Loud: The American Metal Underground Exposed"!

For the third year in a row we will be involved with this awesome movement! And this year our involvement will go way pass the New York based shows. Yes, this is a movement. We truly believe that bands that are smart enough to be part of this massive event are getting excellent exposure, along with very useful data regarding their overall musical careers.

What exactly is our involvement this time around? Well, our founder Jö Schüftan will be MCing every event and he will also be hosting the webcast from every city that the tour hits. We will also be bringing you the latest news from the tour as it happens.

Some out there have said that this is a "pay to play" showcase, when the reality is that bands are given the chance to sell tickets so they can make some money for themselves. No bands have ever been turned down or canceled because they couldn't or didn't want to sell tickets. Bands need to understand that when you are selling tickets, you are investing in your own bands exposure.

One lucky band will get the chance to be part of a nationwide tour for which all costs will be covered. Additionally, there will be global webcast that is run like a professional broadcast... not some shady production that looks and sounds like shit. You all know what we are talking about. This year the event will be headlined by Element A440 from Phoenix, Arizona.


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