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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Randy Blythe Gets A Very Meaningful Tat & A MISFITS Cake On His 42nd Birthday!

As we all know, David Randall Blythe from LAMB OF GOD is fighting the fight of his life. Blythe was imprisoned for five weeks in the Czech Republic after being detained on June 27, 2012 when the Grammy-nominated, Richmond, Virginia-based band arrived there for a show. The singer was freed without charge in August but had to post $400,000 bail, then left the country.

According to the prosecution, Blythe shoved Daniel Nosek, a 19 years old fan, off stage, thus inflicting fatal wounds on him. After being released on bail, which was contended by the State Attorney, Blythe refused responsibility for Nosek's death and pledged to return to attend the trial.

While the trial began on Monday, February 4, the trial had to be postponed until March 4, due to the fact that one witness fell ill and two criminal psychologists who were expected to testify were unable to attend during that week.

This past Thursday, February 21, Randy celebrated his 42nd birthday by posting the following pictures and by writing some very inspiring words on his Instagram account.

"Yesterday (Feb 21st) was my 42nd birthday. Many of you wished me a happy one here- thanks so much! My wife made me this bad-ass Crimson Ghost/Misfits cake- she put a lot of effort into it, so thanks babe! It makes me grateful to have her & my friends & family in my life. Yesterday I tried to think a lot about gratitude- I believe that as long as we are on this plane of existence, we should try to maintain an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE- we are here, drawing breath into our lungs- we should attempt to make the most of it, & it's hard to do that if we are full of self-pity or resentment. No one remains grateful all the time (certainly not me- I get into crappy selfish moods all the time), but there is no reason to stay in a self-centered, self-absorbed ball of negativity. Not if you want to live & do ANY GOOD- heck, not even if you just want to have a fun life. I am grateful for many things today. Tomorrow, regrettably I will not be able to go to help clean up Evergreen Cemetery. Ironically, this is because I will be at a funeral- it might be cancelled anyway, because it's supposed to be raining all day. My best friend from high-school's mother passed away, so I had to leave Tidewater to pay my respects at the visitation tonight & the funeral tomorrow. She died at home in hospice care, relatively peacefully. I am grateful for that, & I am grateful that I can be present & here for my buddy in his time of grief. This is a gift, to be present for the ones you love in times of sorrow.

"This is my tattoo of gratitude. SFG is the name we call our gratitude list group. SFG has a specific meaning to us that I won't share, but it can also stand for many other things- So Fucking Good, Stop Farting Greg, Stand For Greatness- whatever you want. For me yesterday, the day I turned 42, it meant SOBER FREE GRATEFUL. Because I am. Life isn't always fun, but for me, no matter what, if I keep a sober mind, I keep a free mind. If I keep a free mind, I keep a grateful mind. If keep a grateful mind, my life can be good, no matter what happens to me or where I wind up. Maintaining this attitude is something i must LEARN to do- it does not come natural to me, I am not Buddha like at all- it takes EFFORT- but it's foolish to expect something for nothing, now isn't it? I am not happy my friend's mother died, that she suffered a good while from cancer. But I am grateful that she is at peace, & I am grateful that I can be here for him & his family. These are important things in life we must not miss. Be present, be grateful, the best you can. There should be more clean-up days scheduled at Evergreen after I get back from Prague- hopefully I will see some of ya there! Have a good one. (Oh yeah, HHCF stands for "Hunting Heart Crushing Fear"- lyrics I really like from a band called Cold Cave)"

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