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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pat Egan (RIP) Tribute Compilation Released Via Relapse Records!

Pat Egan, longtime Director of Retail Sales at Relapse Records, tragically passed away on Monday February 18th after a battle with pneumonia and related complications. In honor of the man who was so instrumental in the success of so many Relapse bands and records, the label has put together a 20 track compilation featuring a collection of his favorite songs and artists, including Mastodon, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Brian Posehn, Red Fang, Death, and many more, including a never-before-released track from Exhumed. 

100% of proceeds from the compilation will go towards a college fund for his young daughter Katie. Relapse thanks each band for contributing each track and waiving their royalty fee to maximize the benefit for Pat’s beloved family. The compilation is available via Bandcamp at this location for only $5 but friends and fans are welcome to donate as much as they want. Direct contributions may also be made via paypal to wellmissyoupat@relapse.com.

The tracklisting for the compilation is as follows:

1. Brian Posehn - More Metal Than You
2. Exhumed - The Beginning After The End (Previously Unreleased)
3. Mastodon - Mother Puncher
4. Kingdom of Sorrow - Screaming into the Sky
5. Baroness - Take My Bones Away
6. Red Fang - Wires
7. Death - A Moment Of Clarity
8. Revocation - Teratogenesis
9. Brutal Truth - Old World Order
10.Dying Fetus - Second Skin
11.Black Anvil - Ultimate Reality    
12. Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Sword Swallower    
13. Zombi - Siberia
14. Pig Destroyer - The American's Head
15. Toxic Holocaust - Sound The Charge
16. Murder Construct - No Question, No Comment    
17. Horseback - Arjuna
18. Dillinger Escape Plan - Sunshine the Werewolf    
19. Abysmal Dawn - In Service of Time
20. Total Fucking Destruction - In The Process of Correcting Thinking Errors

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