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Monday, February 18, 2013

STRATOVARIUS: Song Excerpts Of 'Nemesis' Available Now!

After the success of 'Polaris' and 'Elysium' and the warm response to the CD/DVD/Blu-Ray “Live In Tampere” that witnessed one show of the band’s last world tour with friend and historical drummer Jörg Michael, Stratovarius are about to reinforce their position as one of the undisputed leading name of the prog-symphonic Metal genre with an album that promises to be one of their best ever.

You can sense it in the air that their new CD 'Nemesis' is going to be a milestone in their career, judging by the fantastic reaction to the few bits and beats that – as it happens today – have leaked in the world of bits and beats of internet.

...to the extent that the band entered the studio again, only a few weeks after having completed the album, to record an additional song they had been working on for a while.

The acoustic ballad “Old Man And The Sea” will be an extra track included in a 2.500 numbered limited edition vinyl of their NEW album.

You can now listen to excerpts of 'Nemesis' here:

The 11-track 'Nemesis' will be released in North America via Armoury Records on February 26, 2013. Here is an exclusive interview with Timo Kotipelto that we conducted on Monday, January 21 at Eagle Rock Entertainment, in which he discussed the production process behind 'Nemesis', the inclusion of NEW drummer Rolf Pilve, and he even shares some very useful vocal tips. So sit back, relax, and crank 'Nemesis' on February 26!

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