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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

METAL REVOLUTION: Cuba's ESCAPE to jam this weekend with TESTAMENT’s Alex Skolnick in New York City!

After successfully bringing Cuban Heavy Metal band ESCAPE from Havana to perform in the United States at the SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas, for the first performance by a Cuban based Metal band in American history, UnBlock the Rock (UBTR), a grassroots movement is continuing their campaign and bringing Escape to perform in New York City. 

ESCAPE will headline “Metal Revolution with ESCAPE” (presented in association with Horns Up Rocks) at Tobacco Road 354 West 41st Street on Saturday, April 27th and will be joined by legendary guitar player Alex Skolnick of TESTAMENT. Joining ESCAPE will be their Cuban brothers from FIREHAZE as well as SHITKILL, DEATH IMMORTAL, SIXTH RENAISSANCE and DARK MATTER.

Skolnick will join ESCAPE to perform their Metal anthem “Cuba Rebelión" (rebellious Cuba). "It's been an honor and a thrill to help raise awareness of the thriving Cuban Metal scene, of which ESCAPE is a shining example. I’m looking forward to jamming with this ultra­heavy, musically sophisticated band in person and hope for an eventual dismantling of the long outdated economic and artistic blockade between our countries,” said Skolnick.

“None of us can believe ESCAPE is in New York City,” said Alejandro Padron, drummer and musical director for Escape. “It’s taken us a long time to get here, but we will play the concert of our lives.” “This is only possible with support of UnBlock the Rock and all our friends from all over the world. Infinite thanks for helping us realize a dream."Escape, founded over 12 years ago, is the focus of the documentary “They Will Be Heard”, directed by Tracey Noelle Luz, co­founder of UBTR. The film depicts Escape’s struggle to become a band and the obstacles they have faced while pioneering a Metal movement in Cuba despite resistance by the Cuban government. Luz documented the band for nine months, including the departure of Jennifer Hernandez, Escape’s original keyboardist and co-­founder of UBTR, who immigrated to the U.S. in February of 2010.

“After being here for a year, Tracey and I agreed that a movie wasn't enough to change the isolation of the metalheads left behind in Cuba, still fighting to be listened to, still oppressed with so much to give to the world,” explained Hernandez about forming UBTR. “We thought we could open doors that have been shut for so long through music. And we did. I’ll be playing with my band again in New York City just like I always dreamed.”

Horns Up Rocks decided to join forces with UBTR to host Escape at Tobacco Road. "For Horns Up Rocks it is vital to keep underground music alive and breathing. This can only be done thanks to bands like ESCAPE, a band willing to cross all borders for the love of their music, and most importantly their culture,” explained our founder Jö Schüftan.

Escape’s latest release, “La Hora de la Verdad” (The Hour of Truth) is available on the UBTR website, www.unblocktherock.com as a free download. UBTR continues to promote THE RED ALBUM, also available off the website at www.unblocktherock.com/donate to raise funds to help the band with their costs coming into New York City.

This historic show will take place at Tobacco Road and is only $12 (21+ with ID), RSVP HERE!


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