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Monday, April 1, 2013

VAN HALEN: A 6-Year-Old Drummer Shreds Jamming To "Hot For Teacher"

This rocks! Avery Molek is a 6 year old boy who loves Rock music, and already is a pretty badass drummer. Get this: he has been taking drum lessons since he was 4. This week he uploaded a video of him jamming to VAN HALEN’s classic song "Hot For Teacher". You can now watch the video below.

In addition to doing covers, Avery has played 15 shows all at the age of 5. Six of the shows were solo one hour shows and nine shows were playing in four different live bands spanning in four states. That was what he calls his 2012 "Out Of The Basement" tour. "Yes, I said ‘Tour’! I am only 6! So anything more then one gig is a Tour!", says Avery. Most notable were The Hard Rock Cafe, The Illinois State Fair & Sturgis Fest “Bike Week” in Michigan.

Via Van Halen
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