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Monday, April 1, 2013

Former THE HAUNTED Singer Peter Dolving Talks About Conceited Racism In Music

Peter Dolving, formerly from THE HAUNTED and now the leader of HOUSE OF DOLVING, has never been one to hold back when it comes time to speaking his mind. If you are part of his Facebook clan, you know exactly what we are talking about. Over the weekend, Dolving posted a lenghty post about his views on the "conceited racism carried by musicians all over the world". Read on...

"Something that's been buggin me my entire life;

"The conceited racism carried by musicians all over the world.

"I keep hearing this over and over in regards of rhythm. So let me make myself very clear; An individuals relation to rhythm, groove, swing and rhythmical/harmonic stringence, dynamics and etc. has got absolutely zilch to do with color of skin or race.

"As a musician you are either technical or emotive, some are very lucky to be both. But there's no ethnic magic involved in what gives reggae, blues or Rock its "typical" traits. There are styles of playing and individual musician relation to him/herself and the world in which we reside.

"It's all very simple really; Learn, and play the god-damned song. It will sound the way you play it it. End of story. A shitty musician will make a great song sound awkward, pathetic and flat. A great musician will make fucking "Crazy frog" sound cool. The audience may or may not care.

"Over the years playing material with different musicians the attempt to reach certain places with the inherit structure of individual songs has probably been the most frustrating thing of all. the amount of hangups and ego involved staggering.

"Being able to shred doesn't make you a great musician. Music is about flow. Understanding and communicating. It can be stringent or angular, but the flow determines.

"I have listened for too long to musicians I used to consider with great respect say terrible things about other musicians who have character and angularity. Dissing masterful players because they are "sloppy" etc. Well here's the deal; The sloppy takes discipline and daring, it takes an open mind as well as an open heart.

"There are schools for musicians. You can learn a lot just by repeating and rehearsing. But know this; Overt skillful masturbatory technique for its own sake becomes a circus sideshow. It is a vehicle, a tool. You are never bigger than the song, the piece in which you play. A perfectly polished surface often betrays a bland cold interior. And music is not an alibi... it's privilege. "

- Peter Dolving

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